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Buy this book — you couldn’t invent these characters if you tried.

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Part history, part road trip, and part biography — the true story of a remarkable group of men whose obsession with Bigfoot turned the giant hominid into an American icon.

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Available at University of California Press and Amazon.

In the works — Done In: How industry’s war on the environment shattered the American Dream. General Electric polluted the village of Fort Edward, New York, and the Hudson River with the toxic chemical PCB. Spearheaded by CEO Jack Welch, GE spent four decades and hundreds of millions of dollars battling the state of New York and the federal government to avoid responsibility for cleaning it up. The collateral damaged was historic. In addition to shattering the lives of innocent people, GE’s war turned the country’s political system upside down, in no small part by convincing much of the country  that government regulation is the root of all evil, a belief that led not at all indirectly to the election of Donald Trump. Done In is an investigation into how that happened.



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