LAS VEGAS, August 2, 2012 — Two chimps — CJ and Buddy — got out of their enclosure last month, shutting down a neighborhood. Buddy was killed by police, and CJ’s owners have agonized about what to do with her ever since.


The incident focused attention on the plight of backyard chimps and other exotic animals.

The owners had agreed at one time or another that the chimps would be better off in an approved sanctuary, but they could never agree on when or where. Buddy’s death changed that.

It took this tragedy for them to finally put aside their differences and reach an agreement to send CJ to live out her life at Chimps Inc., located near Bend, Ore. It is home to seven other rescued chimps in a near idyllic setting with green grass and play features to keep the chimps mentally and physically stimulated.

The owners are giving up all rights to CJ, who will live as a chimp rather than as a half human.