Animal Rahat is a unique program that aims to help some of the most neglected animals in the world—the bullocks, donkeys, and other working animals in India.

Animal Rahat volunteer

In addition to working animals, Animal Rahat also offers services to the many local “street dogs” who face an array of dangers, including disease, starvation, and being hit by vehicles.

Animal Rahat staffers sterilize as many dogs as they can, provide them with vaccinations whenever possible, and treat them for mange to relieve their incessant itching and hair loss caused by a weak immune system.

In August, an Animal Rahat volunteer trainee took the team to his village, where they treated 36 dogs for everything that ailed them!

The Animal Rahat team discovered this dog languishing with an eye injury. According to local villagers, the injury happened during a scrap with another “street dog.”

Animal Rahat vets were able to find a compassionate villager, Mr. Zadbuke, who agreed to provide the dog with care and shelter for two weeks, and one of the vets returned regularly to treat the animal with antibiotics. Other than having a slight sensitivity to light in the injured eye, the dog has been recovering well, and the vets are following up on the case.

Source:, via PETA.