Readers have asked how Arthur and Phoenix, the two young chimps I reported on on the 18th, are doing today.

Arthur and Phoenix

Nate Leskovic with the New England Anti-Vivisection Society reports:

Arthur and Phoenix are happily living at Save the Chimps, one of the finest and largest chimpanzee sanctuaries in the world, and have the good fortune of living in an extended chimpanzee family! They are tended to by Dr. Jocelyn Bezner, one of the best chimpanzee vets in the country, and are under the care of Sanctuary Director Jen Feuerstein, a former Yerkes National Primate Research Center caregiver who has dedicated her life to helping chimpanzees rescued from research.

NEAVS President Dr. Theodora Capaldo visits the sanctuary regularly and always returns inspired and grateful for the good work of sanctuaries like Save the Chimps. To see how much Arthur and Phoenix have grown, check out their photo albums!