MIMI -ID# A0946568
I am an unaltered female, br tiger Domestic Shorthair mix.

The shelter staff think I am about 10 years old.
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On Facebook. A non-profit—a joint effort with Urgent Part 2/Urgent Death Row Dogs–run by volunteers who rescue and help cats and kittens get adopted in New York City. Their Facebook page puts out a daily list and album of cats and kittens that are to euthanized the next day, so a sense of urgency is pretty big. It’s a lot of work, taking pictures and surveying the euthanasia list daily.
How it works:
A new “To Be Destroyed” list comes out every night between 5:30-6:30 pm. If there is a cat or kitten you can adopt or foster call the ACC number if it is BEFORE 7pm- adoptions stop at 6pm or so. You will HAVE to pick up that cat first thing in the morning. They will not hold the cat– they will kill it. The only way they will hold it for 24 hours is if an approved rescue calls that cat in. If you can’t make it to the shelter speak up! We will find a rescue FOR YOU! We can possibly help with transport!
MISSION: Giving a voice to those without. Everyday large numbers of adoptable animals are killed for reasons for reasons we believe unjustified. In most cases, these animals are loving, sensitive, and playful pets who simply lack a home. This page is their voice. Save a life. Don’t shop, Adopt.
List of Rescues and “how to adopt”