Police inhabit a dangerous world. But they could use training in areas where restraint may often be needed. Dealing with people with mental health issues is one. Dealing with non-humans is another.

    Michael Paxton was playing fetch with his dog Cisco in his backyard when a police officer pulled into the driveway in response to a 911 call. The officer had the wrong house. When Paxton left the yard to get something from his truck, he said the officer confronted him. Cisco ran around from the back, toward the officer. The officer simultaneously ordered Paxton to put his hands in the air and to restrain his dog. The officer then shot the dog. Read more about the incident on Paxton’s Facebook page, Justice for Cisco.

    Paxton isn’t the first dog owner whose pet has been shot to death by police. A search of news articles from the past year shows many many incidents.

    The sites “Dogs That Cops Killed” and “Dogs Shot by Police” describe new incidents and allow grieving owners to share stories.