Interpol is stepping up their drive against wildlife crime.

Interpol’s most wanted wildlife criminals.

Interpol’s most wanted wildlife criminals.

The seven men at the top of Interpol’s list include 4 from China and one each from USA, New Zealand and Nepal.

Amongst those wanted are Jason Shaw, a New Zealander who was at the center of the biggest animal-cruelty case in the U.S. US officials issued an arrest warrant for Shaw, 37, owner of the pet and wildlife wholesaler U.S. Global Exotics, where agents seized more than 26,000 animals – many dead or dying.

Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State, recently issued a stern warning against illicit trafficking of wildlife products. She announced that the U.S government is keen to pursue a policy on non-trafficking and wildlife security.

Clinton said that the global value of illegal wildlife trafficking is as much as $10 billion per year, ranking it as one of the largest criminal transnational activities worldwide along with arms, drugs and human trafficking.

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