I  can’t get this image out of my mind.

Orangutan rescue, Borneo. (Video frame: International Animal Rescue)

A female orangutan isolated in the remains of a jungle that had been bulldozed down around her to plant palm oil trees, fleeing desperately from the animal that had been trying to kill her. In this case, her pursuers were there to rescue her from certain death, but experience told her to flee.

Clearing the forest had deprived her of fruit and leaves, reducing her to eating bark and stems and she was weak from hunger. On this occasion, rather than chasing her away or killing her, the palm oil company that had destroyed the forest contacted International Animal Rescue (IAR) so she could be captured and moved to a place of safety.

Starving orangutan rescue, Borneo. (Photo: International Animal Rescue)

A few minutes later  members of IAR’s team in Borneo along with members of the local forestry department, covered her with a net and transported her to undisturbed jungle.

The rescuers determined that she was lactating, which meant she had lost her baby which had probably been killed not long before the rescue team arrived.

Watch the video of her rescue here.
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