Fight for Rhinos

Mumbai -Bijlee the elephant has been working continuously for 51 years. She’s never stopped until now. She collapsed; with maggot infested wounds on her legs, in pain and fatigued, and lies where she fell.

The owner of Bijlee, and other elephants, has subjected them to abuse and neglect, forcing them to beg, entertain, and walk for his paycheck. She has been overworked and uncared for all her life.

bijlee getting helped up

bijlee crane lifting

The group Animals Matter to Me, has taken steps to help this injured elephant. They’ve used a crane to lift her when she falls, have brought food for her, and started treating her wounds. The first couple days, they had help from neighboring people; however the majority have left her now.

Bijlee needs help. AMTM has requested the following:

1. A vet with knowledge of treating injured elephants. From any part of the country. A contact number, a lead or any…

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