Taiwan’s National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium ‘released’ a whale shark into the wild that it had held in captivity for 8 years.

Whale shark stranded twice shortly after it was abandoned into the sea. (Photo: Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan)

    The animal had been kept in a tank so small it was forced to spend those years swimming slowly in one direction. The long and brutal confinement in such close quarters had resulted in severe and permanent damage to the animal’s tail .
    It was released into the sea close to the shore where it continued to swim in a similar pattern. Obviously confused it stranded twice on the shore.
    The coast guard, local fishermen and conservation workers managed to re-float it but it became badly injured in the process.

The giant fish was last seen being towed out to sea by a boat. It was not tagged to enable scientists to track the animal in an effort to help it survive.

          Video of the rescue effort here


          Source: Wildlife Extra.