Animal welfare is in many ways an oxymoron when applied to China. But, as the saying goes, “it’s a process.”

Animals Asia China poster entry.

    Animals Asia recently held a competition in China for the best images to use as posters to protest against animal performances. The theme for the posters was “Not Born to Perform.” More than 2,000 people responded.

    Animals Asia sees this as indicative of changes in how people in China view animals.

    As an example, the group attributed cancellation of the 3 week long Jinan Animal Carnival Festival in Jinan, a city of 6 million in Shandong Province, to pressure from China’s growing animal welfare movement. Sponsored by the Jinan Bureau of Parks and Woods at the Quancheng Ecological Park, the festival has traditionally featured animals performing multiple times a day.

    They also noted that since the Nanjing Zoo halted its staged performances of cycling moon bears, diving pigs and tiger taming, and put an emphasis on environmental awareness and education, visitor numbers at the zoo have increased sharply.

    Animals Asia called it a “widespread awakening.” Fingers crossed….