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Will this madness ever stop?

Mongabay reports that Greenpeace has photos of illegal clearing.

Flyovers of a concession owned by PT Andalan Sukses Makmur, a subsidiary of  Bumitama Agri Ltd, show excavators clearing peat forests and digging drainage  canals just outside Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan. Tanjung  Puting is famous for its population of orangutans that have been intensely  studied by Birute Galdikas, a noted researcher and conservationist.

Greenpeace says mapping and field investigations show that forest conversion  took place February and October 2013, “including clearance of intact peatland  forests inside buffer zones identified on the high conservation value (HCV)  assessment for the concession.” The deforestation proceeded despite a pledge  from Bumitama not to clear an where a survey identified a group stranded  orangutans.


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