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(These are orphaned orangutans rescued from palm oil plantations (partially funded by donations to Orangutan Outreach at who are now being nursed back to health, trained and rehabilitated for a return to safely protected forests.)


The law of unintended consequences strikes again (a la Dr. Oz).  The FDA, in a move designed to curtail heart disease (in humans), has proposed a rulemaking that will ban trans fats in foods — at the expense of other species.  Although it gets a bit technical, trans fats come from hydrogenated vegetable oils, which means these liquid vegetable oils are converted into a solid that helps extend the efficacy and shelf life of processed food, like frozen pizzas, etc.


What’s a good substitute, though?  “Palm kernel oil, which is solid at room temperature and has become a popular substitute for trans fats, might work in some cases but some products might have to be dropped,”…

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