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The case of the massive (50,000) bumblebee kill in Oregon has been settled. The court ruled that the bumblebees were killed by improper pesticide application. The pesticide, dinotefutan, was to blame. The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) found that: 1) the linden trees were clearly in bloom; 2) Dinotefuran label states that the pesticide is known to be hazardous to bees when applied onto flowering trees in bloom; and 3) it was a violation of label instructions to use the pesticide under the circumstances.

The company responsible for the application was fined $555. and the two applicators each fined $555. Pesticide Label use instructions carry the force of law. Violations are subject to civil and criminal penalties. Users of pesticides should always read the label and follow the directions.

ODA has issued registration standards for 2014 more strict than federal (EPA) standards. Dinotefuran and imidacloprid products for use on plants…

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