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    Lead poisoning continues to be a scourge for the big birds. Last month, Condors #340 and #444 were trapped and found to have high lead blood levels. They were both immediately transferred to the Los Angeles Zoo for chelation treatment

      Many species of wildlife feed on animals killed with lead bullets. The lead leaches into the bloodstream and they slowly die of starvation as the lead paralyzes their digestive system.

Condor 318. (Photo: Ventana Wildlife Society)

A 10 year-old male condor (#318) died after ingesting a bullet, presumably while feeding on a carcass. He was found barely alive and unable to feed or use his legs to stand. Veterinarians could not save him. A necropsy determined the cause of death was lead toxicosis. A radiograph showed multiple metal fragments and a 22 caliber lead bullet in his digestive tract.

Source: Ventana Wildlife Society.