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Surabaya. Within the span of just 11 hours on Wednesday, Surabaya Zoo lost two more animals, bringing to 11 the number of animal deaths this year at the facility dubbed by the international media the “zoo of death.”

Agus Supangkat, a spokesman for the zoo, confirmed on Wednesday that a female anoa — basically a miniature water buffalo — and a male dromedary camel were the latest animals to have died there. He said there was nothing unusual in the deaths, citing old age in the case of the anoa and a skin disease in the case of the camel.

“There are no physical bruises on the anoa’s body,” Agus said.

“We tried our best to save its life, especially considering how the anoa has been under the medical team’s watch.”

He said the anoa, named Happy, was on a list of 84 animals categorized in January as being ill…

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