Fight for Rhinos

Kenya  – Only 3 months into 2014, there have been 18 rhino poached in the country. Six of them have been killed in Lake Nakuru alone.

Lake Nakuru National Park has been a protected rhino sanctuary since 1986.  Rhinos from Solio Ranch, Nairobi National Park, Lewa Downs and South Africa were translocated to the area in an attempt to give them safety to roam and breed. There is a reinforced high power solar fence enclosing the area, as well as guards/rangers within the park.

white rhino in lake nakuru White rhino in Lake Nakuru

Why is Nakuru seeing an increase in rhino poaching?

nakuru park

According to KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service), poachers not only use sophisticated weaponry, they are now using silent poaching methods that are difficult for rangers on patrol to detect.

In parks such as Lake Nakuru, rising water levels have shrunken grazing land for rhinos forcing them to move to park periphery. This makes them an easy target…

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