Dr. Cooper

“This must be one of the most brutal fortnights yet in the history of the rhino poaching war, in our province. At least 14 deaths were discovered in various protected areas in as many days. (I can’t go into detail at this time but it’s getting even more savage, as if that’s possible.)

Yesterday honestly rates as one of the lowest points in my life as a wildlife vet, pretty much an emotional breaking point – but it’s not the first time; it’s something that is happening far too often. I don’t think it is possible to explain to somebody who hasn’t experienced this nightmare, what even one death scene does to you. It’s traumatic and haunting, and cannot ever be erased from your mind. I’ve attended over 400!!”wildlife vet Dave Cooper


Rhino graves

 The slaughter is real, the poachers are relentless.

This Boots on the Ground video  shows efforts being made to save them.


Boots on the Ground video GRAB.jpg

Boots on the Ground freeze

Via: Fight for Rhinos