Black rhinoceros in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. (Photo: LWC)

    Fueled by demand for black-market powdered rhino horn in Vietnam and China, South Africa has lost 430 rhinos to poachers so far this year. The epidemic of poaching is decimating rhino species worldwide.

    Last year saw the official extinction of two rhino subspecies: the Vietnamese rhino, a subspecies of the Javan, and the western black rhino, a subspecies of the black.

    There is one place where rhinos still thrive, however. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, which has found itself with a unique, but happy, problem: they have so many black rhinos, which are considered Critically Endangered by the IUNC Red List, that LWC needs to move some to stop rhino-fights. In other words, their rhino population has hit its limit for the 25,000 hectare (62,000 acre) nonprofit protected area.