Nothing to say.

A 20-year old woman named Sean Janas recently stood before a judge in Wausau, Wisconsin and waived her right to a preliminary hearing, not challenging the charges against her. She is charged with felony mistreatment of an animal causing death, poisoning an animal and lying to police.

Sean Janas.

Sean Janas.



Specifically, a 4-year old dog named Mary.

According to police, Janas wrote in her diary about how she poured bleach and drain cleaner down the dog’s throat and enjoyed doing it. She also stabbed the dog who died in June after months of torture. She faces five years in prison and $30,000 in fines.

“They weren’t pets!”

In the twin cities, dog breeder Dayna Bell is accused if drowning puppies at her Bell Kennels and Farm by putting them in buckets of water.

Dayna Bell puppymiller.

Puppymiller Dayna Bell.

Dakota County Sheriff’s officers searched Bell’s kennels last year and found 10 small-breed dogs in a freezer chest. The dogs appeared to be wet, suggesting they’d drown before being frozen. Bell told authorities she didn’t know how the dogs got in the freezer, but admitted drowning them in a bucket.

Former employees at Bell Kennels and Farm said they saw Bell drown puppies by tying a cinder block to their necks then throwing them into a swimming pool.

Her defense? They weren’t pets. Facing 14 felony and two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, Bell and her attorney plan to use technicalities to contest the charges, using the statutory distinction between “pets” and “commercial animals” to make a case that since commercial animals are subject to different rules, she shouldn’t face felony charges.

One day after being charged, Bell posted $50,000 bail and was back at work. Bell’s husband said business had dropped about 90 percent since the allegations against his wife were first made public.