Did you know?

In the United States:

(Photo: Novartis AG)

  • Most animals in laboratories are not legally protected.
  • There aren’t nearly enough inspectors to properly inspect research facilities.
  • Most inspectors aren’t empowered to do anything consequential about violations.
  • Many labs pass inspection even where appalling legal violations occur.
  • Alternatives to animal testing are more effective, more reliable, and more humane.

(Photo: PETA)

  • Instances of animal cruelty in laboratory testing are prolific and commonplace. Animals in labs are routinely mutilated and subjected to physical and psychological torment every day of their lives. Animals are frequently restrained and cut open without painkillers. Much of this torture is legal.
  • Legal tests include burning, poisoning, starving, forced smoking, mutilating, blinding, electrocuting, drowning, and dissecting without painkillers. For decades, cats, dogs, primates, birds, rodents, horses, goats, pigs, and other animals have been experimented on with these measures.

For anyone interested in the reality of animal testing in the U.S., this article from the Animal Legal Defense Fund is a must read.