SHARK has enlisted the aid of Bob Barker, storied game show host and long time supporter of protections for animals to explain why Pennsylvania voters need to tell their state legislators to support state bill SB510 to stop the unconscionable practice of shooting live pigeons.


    Ozzie DoLittle. “I don’t do any kind of target shooting as a hobby or sport, but many years ago I tried archery, and I found I love target shooting. What I fail to comprehend is, why do people need LIVE targets, I never felt the need. These blokes know about clay pigeons, so why live ones? To what end? These shooters are displaying a serious psychopathology.”


    1patrat: “This is so beyond BARBARIC,it pisses me off. I’m a sportsman,NRA member and how ironic is this, a financial supporter of SHARK. If those COWARD BASTARDS are gonna shoot birds like that they need to eat every one of them. I only believe in killing what I’m gonna eat. God didn’t create animals to be shot for sport.They where created as a food source if needed and much more. I’m ashamed of the NRA being affiliated with such trash as those MURDERERS are.”